Guitarmaker Issue 5

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Steve Klein Acoustic

Steve Klein


Cathy Currier, Ralph Novak, Fran Ledoux, Jeff Jewitt, Mario Baldoni

Member’s Spotlight—David Wren

David Wren

Member’s Spotlight—Cat Fox

Cat Fox

Member’s Spotlight—Chris Pile

Chris Pile

Member’s Spotlight—Curt Carpenter

Curt Carpenter

Member’s Spotlight—Michael McClelland

Michael McClelland

Keep Hope Alive!

William Cumpiano

Stick It and Spread It and an Easy Truss Rod Jig

Tom Meyers

tools, jig

Lacqer Chipping

Tom Bazzola

Earthquake in Bay Area and Consequences

Dick Boak

Rainforest Destruction

Dick Boak

Bob Tice’s Reference Index of Lutherie Periodicals

Dick Boak



Dick Boak

Sources for a variety of luthierie needs including tools, wood, repair, publications, organizations, kits, etc. Each source is given considerable detail.

A Proposal for the ASIA Education Fund

Tim Poling and Dick Boak


Guitarmaking Course at Peter's Valley

Dick Boak


NAMM—A Luthier’s View

Ken Donnell

Violin Setup: A workshop with Tim Poling

Tim Poling


Instrument Making and the Computer

Dick Boak

Job Listings

Dick Boak

ASIA Financial Statement

Dick Boak

Director’s Update

Dick Boak

Guitars: The Tsumura Collection by Akira Tsumura

Reviewed by William Cumpiano


The Lighter Side

Dick Boak

Additional Information on Steve Klein's trousers mentioned in Issue 4.

Membership Application

The Guitarist Tunes Up

Frances Conford

Essential poetry for all luthiers and guitarists.