Chris Herrod Reviews Symposium 2015

Symposium 2015 is now behind me, but I continue to reap the benefits of attending as all the contacts, ideas, and lessons I gained there enter into my work. It’s a great re-charge. The exchange of information and experiences that happens when luthiers, suppliers, manufacturers and repair people come out of their shops and offices with the common goal of our improving our profession is inspiring. Plus we have a lot of fun!

Participation is key, and I would like to see more and more folks reap the benefit of attending the Symposium, contributing to the magazine, and helping the organization grow. With this in mind, I have welcomed the opportunity to join ASIA’s board of directors. It’s exciting to find that ASIA is on strong footing these days and well positioned to grow and do even more for its members.

2015 Symposium Is History

The many wood bargains pleased both buyers and sellers. The ASIA 2015 Symposium is now just a memory. Actually, it is a series of great memories that we want to hold on to for all the fun and learning. The symposium was filled with great presentations and speakers; though many areas of lutherie were included, this year had special coverage on historical subjects like Gurian Guitars, Froggy Bottom Guitars, and Dick Boak's illustrious careers in art and guitars. If you can't learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.

Approximately 250 members attended, and I think it is safe to say that a good time was had by all. This year's auction netted $13,000 for ASIA, which certainly made the organizers very happy! Read on for some great photos, memories, and inspiration for next year.

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