At ASIA's biennial symposium, guitar builders and players of all skill levels gather to learn, teach, and play guitar. It is also a great place to see, try, and buy traditional to modern jigs and tools, and select the choicest guitar wood from the myriad vendors who attend. ASIA puts together an incredible program that is sure to increase your skill and pleasure in pursuing luthiery.

The 2011 ASIA Symposium was held June 8–12, 2011 at East Stroudsburg University in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The complete schedule is available for download.

Symposium 2011 Is a Success

The biennial symposium was a rousing success. 240 members attended the fun and informative workshops, soaked up the delightful atmosphere, and many came away with some great bargains from the exhibiting vendors and auction. An upcoming issue of Guitarmaker will be dedicated to the symposium, and another will be dedicated to the timely workshop on the CITES/Lacey Act. Keep reading to see some photos to remind you of what you saw, or let you know what fun you missed.

CITES/Lacey Special Issue

If you missed the CITES/Lacey symposium workshop (or you just couldn't digest it all in one sitting), ASIA videoed the event and we're preparing a Guitarmaker Special Issue with the transcript of the entire workshop. The video will be available in the near future, either online, or possibly on a DVD. How would you like to see it?

2011 Asia Symposium

June 8–12, 2011 at East Stroudsburg University in East Stroudsburg, Pa

Time is nigh to start planning to your trip to the rousing 2011 Symposium in bucolic East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

In addition to the educational benefits of attending the ASIA Symposium, it is also a great opportunity for purveyors of lutherie supplies (wood, jigs, tools, books, DVDs, etc.) to sell their wares and services. We will also have an area for instrument builders to display their fine products.  Any potential exhibitors or interested vendors should get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Both vendor registration and member registration forms are available online or you can find them in Guitarmaker 74 (Winter 2010).

For all the details, visit the Symposium page in the education section.

Symposium 2011 Vendors

One of the reasons members love to visit the ASIA Symposium is the chance to purchase great tools, jigs, accessories, or that perfect set of tonewood. This year, time is set aside just for visiting the vendors, so you'll not miss a single workshop. These great dealers will surely try to make your dreams come true at the 2011 Symposium:

  • Allred Associates—carbon fiber products
  • Carl Barney—tonewood
  • CF Martin Custom Shop—drool-worthy guitar display
  • CF Martin Guitarmaker's Connection—tonewood, fretboards, and guitar kits
  • RC Tonewoods—tonewood
  • Duke of Pearl—abalam™, mother of pearl, inlay stuff
  • Blues Creek—jigs and tools
  • Luthiers Mercantile—tonewood, tools, and parts
  • Hibdon Hardwood—tonewood
  • Stewart MacDonald—tonewood, tools, and parts
  • Hiscox Cases—guitar cases
  • Custom Pearl Inlay— dro0l-worthy guitars, inlay tools and supplies
  • Petros Guitars—guitar display
  • Reitz Hardwoods LLC—tonewood
  • Colonial Tonewoods—tonewood
  • West Penn Hardwoods—tonewood

The CITES Treaty, the Lacey Act, APHIS, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

New and confusing regulations affect every instrument builder, materials vendor, dealer, player, and collector, and are being aggressively enforced. Even unknowing violations or first offenses can result in confiscation, heavy fines, bankruptcy, and jail time!

Washington, DC luthier David Berkowitz and Chuck Erikson (Duke of Pearl) will be doing a 3 hour workshop on CITES/Lacey Act/U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service/APHIS/Customs issues regarding natural materials used in stringed instruments, on Saturday Morning, June 11th at the 2011 ASIA Symposium.