In addition to the quarterly Guitarmaker Magazine, ASIA publishes articles online. Some are available to the public, while others are members-only. In addition to articles written specifically for the website, we will begin publishing content here from issues of Guitarmaker Magazine that have long been out of print.

A Larrivee Restoration

by Bryan Galloup

This job came to me from Ohio. The owner told me the story of how it belonged to his favorite uncle and he'd tried several times to have it repaired. In this case money wasn't an issue, he just wanted to do this out of respect for someone he'd admired. This is a common dilemma luthiers are faced with where the cost of some restoration rivals or surpasses the value of the instrument. I carefully explain the repair cost in relationship to the “restored” instrument's value. If the customer is okay with the price and I think the guitar's worth the effort I'll take the job on.

Les Paul Broken Peg Head

by Bryan Galloup

This Les Paul belongs to a retired working musician who dug it out of the closet and decided to start playing again. It shows years of wear and abuse, but other than the broken peg head, there are only a few other items he'd like to repair as long as it's here.

Inlay Design and Execution

by Judy Threet

Judy's enlightening article originally appeared in Guitarmaker issues 54–58. It is downloadable as a 4-part PDF.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4