Issue 3

ASIA Jobs Column

There are several job openings available at this point in time, and it seems appropriate to start the ASIA Jobs Column now. If you are seeking employment/apprenticeship in this field or if you have positions available let us know by writing to ASIA:

  • Matt Umanov of Umanov’s Guitar Shop in New York City is seeking an experienced repair and setup person to perform in-store work on an the constant assortment of acoustic and electric instruments that come into his premises. Matt is also seeking a sales person.
  • Tim Poling of Poling Stringed Instruments in Slidell, Louisiana is seeking a full time repair person experienced with both violins and guitars.
  • Frederik Gustafsson, a new member from Sweden corresponds saying that he has had a difficult time learning the craft first hand in his country, though he has been playing guitars for many years. He is fluent in English, has experience in woodworking and model making, and is seeking some type of apprenticeship in the U.S.A. He promises his extreme enthusiasm.
  • Dan Goore is a 19 year old (pushing 20) who is seeking an apprenticeship in acoustic or electric guitar construction. He has had some limited experience with woodworking, and has tried his hand at basic construction with not much of a result. He is however, passionate about his desire to learn and he will relocate.
  • Roger Sadowsky of Sadowsky Guitars Limited in New York City is seeking an assistant repair technician with experience in both acoustic and electric instruments.
  • DB Music is seeking a qualified repair technician for warranty work and acoustic and electric repairs. Salary dependant upon experience.
  • Mike Dresdner is usually looking for employees at his shop in Perkasie, PA. This is a production situation dealing with the manufacture of solid body instruments as well as limited parts manufacture.

ASIA Wants to Promote You!

We would like to have you write an informal description of what your interests and involvements are in the field of stringed musical instrument construction and repair. This may and should include the type of instruments you collect, build, repair, or play; the number of years you have been involved in the field, the number of instruments you work on or repair per year, any affiliations with companies or other luthiers that you might have, etc. The more you tell us the better. You should consider it a free advertisement of sorts. Don't limit the length of what you write. If we feel it's too long, we'll shorten it Our intention is to increase the information in our database, and to include part or all of your description in a membership directory or journal at some point in the future. Please send in this biographical information as promptly as is possible. Take it seriously and don't be shy.

Letter to New Members

Your payment has been received and your name and address have been entered into the growing database of ASIA members. We are delighted to welcome you as a member of this association and we will be working hard to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves and for you. Your input is always welcome and in certain cases may be necessary.

We owe much thanks to Mike Dresdner, who throughout the past year has spent a great deal of his valuable time to develop our association to this point.