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Magazines listed here are available for purchase, though some are in short supply. They contain a wealth of valuable information, so be sure to order your copies now, before it's too late. Each issue is $10 for members. Unfortunately due to the limited quantities, back issues are not sold to non-members. But if you recognize the value of these magazines, you surely see the benefit of ASIA membership, so become a member today!

Direct online ordering isn't possible, because we want to check the warehouse (ok, shed) to make sure we have what you need. Send Nadine Nichols an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and she'll get you fixed right up!

The listings aren't yet complete. The webmaster is going through each magazine and posting info here. You don't need to tell us if any pictures or abstracts are missing (we know) but if you find a typo or an error, we probably don't know. Please report any errors you find.

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Guitarmaker Issue 99 57
Guitarmaker Issue 98 82
Guitarmaker Issue 97 63
Guitarmaker Issue 96 1059
Guitarmaker Issue 95 563
Guitarmaker Issue 94 488
Guitarmaker Issue 93 507
Guitarmaker Issue 92 1269
Guitarmaker Issue 91 1480
Guitarmaker Issue 90 1030